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  • CNN en Español Celebra 20 años al Aire

    Parece mentira pero sí. La cadena CNN lanzó hace ya veinte años el canal en español añadiendo así una gran variedad de noticias de calidad al repertorio de los hispanohablantes. Fue el 17 de marzo de 1997 a las seis …

  • Best Time to List Your Home is a Saturday...

    Listing a home toward the end of spring significantly increases a seller’s chances of selling their home faster and for more money, according to new analysis from Zillow. Nationally, homes listed from May 1 through May 15, sell around

  • 89th Academy Awards: Who are the winners?

    We all woke up today to discover that the all mighty Oscars had a mistake. Yes, they made a huge mistake and have been criticized by millions of viewers today. But, let’s face it, mistakes happen and that’s a fact

16-Oct-2018 07:29:02
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