Claudia Marulanda “Wonder Women art exhibit is a must see in New York

Claudia Marulanda “Wonder Women art exhibit is a must see in New York

Vibrant, full of color, and full of life! That’s the perfect way to describe her art in simple words. Claudia’s paintings reflect the beauty and power of women. They seduce and captivate us.
Her approach and fresh new look at how all women are Wonder Women is an exciting movement that is meant to inspire and encourage us to celebrate women.

Claudia P. Marulanda Gomez was born in Cali, Colombia. After graduating from New York City Technical College with a degree in Art & Advertising Design in 1997, she worked as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for 15 years, focusing on editorial and catalog design. As her career progressed, she broadened her skills from graphic design to drawing and painting, developing her true passion as an artist which you’ll be able to see in her work.

We encourage you to come and enjoy a dynamic night of art, music and empowerment as the artist features 13 original pieces.

Date: Thursday, Nov. 12th, 2015 at 7:00pm-10:00pm
Location: 188 Grand Street, Loft #2 NYC
Cost: Admission is free


Live musical performances and refreshments.

“Just because we are independent, fearless women, it doesn’t mean that we should let go of our inner child that loves to have fun. As wonder women, we should strive to inspire other women to bring out their best; to know that we should value and appreciate ourselves; to realize that we can’t give love unless we love ourselves first,” said Claudia P. Marulanda.

Empowerment A minimum of $5 donation will be suggested for Girls Inc.
A non-profit that looks to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. In addition, 10% of the sales proceeds will go to the aforementioned nonprofit.

We love these pieces for decoration. Don’t you think?

If you like what you see, visit her site for more info: