Meet One of the Most Recognized Faces in Empowering Latinos

Meet One of the Most Recognized Faces in Empowering Latinos

Empowering Latinos has a strong promoter. You’ll see her on TV as well as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You’ll recognize her in NYC, and praise for her when motivating Latinos in Paris. She’s a journalist, content creator and author, and her name is Deyanira Martínez.

We sit with Deyanira, prior to her participation at the Alma Emprendedora NYC event “Pitch Your Story,” and talked about her growth, learning experiences, and a little bit about herself. Find out how her story can serve as an inspiring mirror to other women entrepreneurs.

AE: How did you start your TV show in NY?

About five years, I felt the need to make this happen, I worked in radio many years ago, but always felt butterflies in the stomach just by thinking about TV. I joined a group of colleagues, and we started a show, after that, I joined another network – as of now, I’ve been in canal America for a few years working with a great team lead by Indhira Baez and Jose Samboy.

Today Conversando con Deya is also a digital weekly show in Facebook and Instagram with an average of 8k views per show – where Journalists, celebrities, influencer and experts in many fields join us to discuss all sort of topics from how to buy your home, Things to do in Cuba to How to brand yourself on social media.

AE: What differentiates your program from others at empowering Latinos?

We have the quest to educate our Latin community and only present quality content. We make sure that our viewers always learn something, educate themselves, get facts from experts. We are a great community of people that get together every week in a safe space to have important and relevant conversations.

Deyanira Martinez at the launch of her book: Today's Inspired Latina™

Deyanira Martinez at the launch of her book: Today’s Inspired Latina™

AE: What obstacle(s) have you overcome in such a competitive place like NYC?

The biggest challenges are to engage the community in relevant topics, putting aside the gossip. Competition is fierce, but we offer a unique approach to news and content: light, fun and educational information – that includes self-help topics with motivational coaches. In our digital platforms, we have guests from all over the world.

AE: Tell us an experienced that taught you a lot as a tv hostess.

Preparation and education are key to do good work. I have a high sense of ethics and always do my homework – improvisation does not go well, you need to be prepared to deliver a good interview.

AE: What other projects are you working on?

I’m writing a second book to be released in the spring plus a lot of speaking engagements and still touring Todays’ inspired Latina, a book that I co-authored, we recently returned from Europe where we had book launched in Amsterdam and Paris

AE: What do you do to be more productive?

Balance is always hard, but somehow I make things happen. I either woke up early, if not, target my assignments at night once everyone is sleeping at home. Time is valuable, so I try to choose and pick what to do and what events attend in order to be able to fulfill my day job plus my own company

AE: Something funny that has happened to you doing business or with clients.

A lot of crazy experiences but have a funny one with Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook – I got to an event with her late and the only seat available was right next to her – so she questioned who will take it, and I just when across the room and sat with her. On my way to the seat, I started having second thoughts (everyone was looking at me), and she gave a big smile and said “don’t you even think about going back, this is your seat, you claimed.

AE: How do you balance your professional and personal life?

Tough one, I tried hard, but balance happens thanks to a great support system that includes my husband, relatives, friends, my son, and neighbors. My daughter is still young so taking care of her needs and driving her to /from schools, sports, playdates, etc., takes that always someone must be on duty.

Deyanira Martinez with her daughter

Deyanira Martinez with her daughter

AE: It’s time for quick questions

Something that you always keep in your purse: My cell phone, a phonemic and a book (whatever I’m reading at the moment)
Favorite food: Rice and beans, avocado salads and seafood
Three songs that are right now in your playlist: My playlist is full of audiobooks, hi hi hi, but at home, I love to play Marc Anthony, I’m a huge salsa lover
What do you do to keep stress under control? Walking outdoors does magic. My ideas become clear, and I feel happy right away
What makes you happy? My children, me time – reading, watching movies, traveling, small things like no plans just home chilling

Interested in meeting Deyanira? Come join the “Pitch Your Story Event” where she will be one of the feature speakers. Here’s the info:
Alma Emprendedora Magazine Happy Hour & Soirée
At the Room Mate Grace Hotel, 125 W 45Th ST, New York, NY 10036
Nov. 29th, 2018 from 6 pm to 8 pm.
RSVP here

What is the easiest way to contact you:
Via my website or LinkedIn social media @deyamartinezl @deyamediacorp @conversandocondeya