Exclusive Interview with Dr. Jacqueline Darna, the Mother of NoMo Nausea Band

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Jacqueline Darna, the Mother of NoMo Nausea Band

Some say that starting a business is like giving birth to a baby. For Jacqueline Darna giving birth to her baby was also sort of like giving birth to her business. Alma Emprendedora Magazine caught up with the entrepreneur behind NoMo Nausea to find out more about her story. In this intimate interview, Darna tells us what is the secret behind her success (her products are sold in more than 600 CVS, Amazon, and more), gives us tips to start a business and shares with us what really makes her happy.

AE: How did you start your business?

Invention is the mother of all necessity. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter and within less than 30 seconds started vomiting for 3 days straight. No medications could help ease my upset stomach, until I remembered a slide about acupressure on the P6 point that I have learned in medical school. At the same time my step-mom came walking in with a peppermint plant and said smell these leaves I read it on Google that it’s supposed to work. Believe it or not it help me to stop vomiting instantly but I never had the leaves when I needed them. So I asked for a piece of tape and tape the peppermint leaves to the acupressure Point made out of a napkin and that was the birth story of the NoMo Nausea Band.

AE: What do you think has been the secret to your success?

Do then Say.

AE: What skills do you think someone who wants to start a business should have?

Perseverance is truly key and not being afraid to hear no. I am 100% for every retail buyer meeting because I walk in with nothing to lose and only a Purchase Order to gain. This attitude followed by a well rehearsed perfect pitch, and that is the formula for success.

AE: You have accomplished a lot. You have many awards and were the Winner of Shark Tank Kevin Harrington’s The Big Pitch. What new goals do you have for this year?

Quadruple Growth.

AE: Wow, that’s an amazing goal. How do you balance your professional and personal life?

Time with my children are put into Google calendar as high importance meetings. This way I will never give up my time with them.

AE: What do you do to keep stress under control?

Exercise: 9 Rounds.  I love to workout, especially box, it helps me sweat out all my worries and I get clarity after hitting the bag and beating frustration right out of me.

It’s time now for some personal questions (yeap, we are girls, we love to gossip, in a positive way).

AE: Something that you always keep in your purse: Evos Chapstick. I can’t live without silky smooth lips

AE: Favorite food: Pizza! This glorious meal has all the food groups and fits in my hand for an on-the-go Entrepreneur like me.

AE: Favorite book: Rich Dad Poor Dad. My dad gave me this book when I was a pre-teen and it changed the way I looked at finances for the rest of my life.

AE: Favorite song: Aventura – Solo Por Un Beso. Yes I’m a Latina bachatera (female bachata dancer).

AE: Favorite city: Tampa. My home sweet home where the weather is always sunny, the people are eager to help out, and it’s the

AE: Favorite color: Pink. Pretty in Pink and Proud.

AE: And finally, what makes Jacqueline Darna happy?

My 2 children and their smiling faces. Everyday I get home they are always waiting to tell me about their day, and tell me how cool it is that their mommy helps people feel better everyday.