How to have Halloween at work and spook the bad vibes away

How to have Halloween at work and spook the bad vibes away

Regardless of the size of your business, celebrating Halloween at work raises the spirits of the employees. As a woman entrepreneur, whether you have one or one hundred people working under you, promoting this activity boosts the enthusiasm, relaxes the team, and it’s a great opportunity to know a fun aspect of each other. Either you do online coaching, make soap with fragrances, or own a supermarket, jump into the celebration, and avoid being a cemetery on this day with these steps.

Be the first to show the excitement

As a leader, be the one that starts motivating. For Halloween themes at work, get together with the team and brainstorm for some ideas of decorations, activities and costumes with topics; if there’s a person or two, who are passionate about Halloween, let them take charge of preparing the event.

Be the first at getting the goodies

You’re a woman entrepreneur who has to take care of every dollar, but at the same time you want to make the best out of Halloween; go—or send your team in charge—to the dollar store or the department stores days in advance before the good stuff vanishes as if a witch made them disappear with her magic wand.

Halloween home office decoration

Halloween home office decoration via Pinterest

Brighten up your work area with some decoration

Even if you have a little office with just a few people, decorating your area with something as minimum as a carved pumpkin can make it look livelier or deadlier—which is even better.

You and your employees spend many hours at work; don’t let this opportunity go by to enjoy one of the favorite celebrations for adultsand see a new face of the person you work with, which on this day, even if it’s a frightening face, it’s great.