FaceLoveFitness's facials, Candice Kumai's Clean Green Eats & Treats, Kale Cocktails, and more!

Fashion Week Wellness presented by Well+Good and EVEN Hotels in Time Square was an event you did not want to miss! I explained to a couple of my friends what this event would entail: a Clean Green Eats & Treats workshop with Candice Kumai along with Dr. Drew Ramsey’s kale cocktails, plus yoga and meditation sessions. In addition to this, facials from FaceLoveFitness, mini manicures from Paintbox, and wellness treatments from Maha Rose.

Without much convincing, my two health-nut friends joined me to help photograph and experience the luxuries of the event. Within the first few minutes of entering the EVEN Hotel in Time Square, our expectations were exceeded. We were greeted with adorable “I AM WELL+GOOD” tote bags chock full of amazing products, including Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift kit and repair CC cream, along with Naturopathica’s Aromatic Alchemy drops, EO’s ultra moisturizing body lotion, and much more, including my favorite: Candice Kumai’s Clean Green Eats cookbook, which she later personally signed with such excitement it was contagious.

2016-02-17 18.14.15

The vibe when we entered this event was nothing but pleasant and relaxing. We were signed in promptly and given a schedule of the activities we would attend. We started with facials from FaceLoveFitness, which were out of this world. This facial was not your typical moisturizing facemask; instead it was a “hangover detox”, which included a temple, eyebrow, and scalp massage. The FaceLoveFitness experts strategically hit the pressure points on the back of my neck and gave me a manual facelift. While the massage was relaxing, it wasn’t a walk in the park. The FaceLoveFitness experts referred to it as a workout for you face because the purpose is to release the toxins from your face through mini face brushes and smooth stress balls, which work your face in back and forth repetitive motions to the point of a relaxed, hangover free mentality. Rachel Lang of FaceLoveFitness informed me that,

“Face love is an exercise studio. We can tone and strengthen the muscles of your face and tone your skin, which has constant beauty and health benefits”

Still in a daze from the facial, we moseyed over to the Clean Green Eats workshop with the beautiful cookbook author and celebrity Candice Kumai. “Wellness is a lifestyle; it’s not just about abs or looking fabulous…these holistic methods have helped me to get where I am now.” With this being said, Candice enthusiastically showcased her nutritional knowledge with tutorials for delicious smoothies and bento boxes with homemade dressings. “Clean eating is about eating real food that nourishes you and benefits your body”. We washed the food down with a couple incredible “kale cocktails” made by Drew Ramsey, which consisted of kale powder, lemonade, Tito’s vodka, and kombucha—AMAZING.

2016-02-17 19.02.00

Relaxed and fed, we finished off the experience with a meditation session that allowed us to explore open awareness by tuning into exterior noise and the thoughts in our heads rather than allowing that noise to be a distraction in our lives.

Fashion Week Wellness was an experience my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m in love with the Juice Beauty products and I’ve been meal prepping with the help of Candice Kumai’s incredible recipes and healthy tricks! Health and wellness is about finding a healthy lifestyle and as Candice Kumai said, “[surrounding] yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself”.