4 Reasons to Experience the Glamour and Nature of Paracas, Peru

4 Reasons to Experience the Glamour and Nature of Paracas, Peru

Pamper yourself in the glamour and nature of Paracas Peru

In 2018, businesspeople and politicians of Peru gathered for their annual meeting in the town that makes them feel special, Paracas, Peru. This villa boasts luxury and nature, which makes it the preferred destination of those with exquisite taste. If you’re planning to go to the South American country to discover Machu Picchu or to close a business deal in Lima, here are 4 reasons to visit the glamour and nature of Paracas, Peru.

1- Your mind has time to disconnect

Paracas is about 4 hours south of Lima. The ride through the desert might sound long, but it gives you a chance to disconnect from the hectic life in the city and your mind. Observing the dunes while driving along the coast, provides an opportunity to connect with your inner peace.

Restaurante El Batán en Chincha

2- You Stop to Eat at “El Batán” in Chincha

About one hour before arriving at Paracas, there’s a restaurant known for its freshness and taste, el Batán Restaurant Gourmet. It’s located in Chincha, a small town famous for its vibrant Afro-Peruvian roots and source of folklore. El Batán combines international with traditional recipes into exquisite meals seen nowhere else like the Pesto Risotto with lobster or Zuppa de Pesce, linguini with seafood and Pomodoro sauce.

Doubletree Resort Paracas, Peru

3- You Treat Yourself in the Luxurious Hotels of Paracas Peru

There are a few high-end hotels in Paracas, but there’s one that stands out, the DoubleTree Resort. It’s located next to miles and miles of desert. From the lobby, your eyes trick you with the infinity pool seamlessly connecting with the bay. A tent on the sand that resembles a sheik’s harem serves drinks and food next to the beach. You can also go to the pool and order a traditional Pisco Sour from the bar. Make sure to reserve one of the coveted rooms facing the ocean, and you’ll have a frontal view of the majestic nature.

4- Take a boat to the Ballestas Islands.

The Ballestas Islands, just a boat ride away from Paracas

Known also as the Poor Man’s Galapagos, it’s a series of preserved islands, home of thousands of birds and mammals. A boat tour takes you close to hundreds of sea lions leaving in their natural environment; amaze yourself by seeing them in their habitat compared to a zoo. You’ll also have the chance to see “El Candelabro” or “The Chandelier,” a gigantic geoglyph built by a pre-Inca’s civilization. One mystical aspect of The Chandelier is that there were no chandeliers in Peru until the Spaniards arrived, centuries after the creation of this figure. The purpose of its creation remains a mystery until today.

The Pre-Inca’s geoglyph of the Chandelier

With the desert, mysticism, world recognized food, and high-end hotels, plan an itinerary hard to forget. These are 4 reasons to visit the glamour and nature of Paracas, Peru, but when you get there, you’ll discover your own.