Titan Tropic Cuba: Betalú takes the 4th Stage

Titan Tropic Cuba: Betalú takes the 4th Stage

Josep Betalú has won the queen stage at the Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes. With start and finish in Viñales, Cuba, the Spanish rider totaled 82 kilometers after 2 hours 42 minutes and 37 seconds. Diego Tamayo, winner of the first edition,  has maintained the lead without problems , while Marlies Mejías continues dominating with authority among the females.

“Today I have been more conservative because yesterday I wasted a lot of energy without a prize, so I have attacked at 6 kilometers to the finish line to win the stage. I am very happy for this victory, “said the current winner of the Gaes Titan Desert by Garmin.
The spectacular mogotes of Viñales welcomed the titans to the province of Pinar del Rio, with little strengths after the three days of maximum demand that they have already lived. In fact, the day began with the withdrawal of Ismael Ventura, third in the general, with problems in one knee.
In the Fat Bike category, the former Formula One driver continues to demonstrate his excellent level of shape and has been awarded the stage for the third consecutive day and continues as the leader in his discipline.

“Today was a fantastic day. It was undoubtedly the most beautiful stage of the Titan Tropic,” said Alguersuari.

Today, the last stage of the Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes is currently taking place, from Viñales to the idyllic white sand beach of Cayo Jutías, and this will put an end to this tropical adventure. A total of 68 kilometers for bikers eager to get their trophy as finishers in Cuba.


.1. Josep Betalú (ESP/Taymory) 2:42.37 horas

.2. Diego Tamayo (COL/TAMAYO TEAM) at 10 sec

.3. Cristofer Bosque (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 28 sec

.4. Yoandri Freire (CUB) at 29 sec

.5. Tinker Juárez (USA/Cannondale) at 34 sec

.6. Roberto Bou (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 38 sec

.7. J.L Gómez (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 10:50 min

.8. Álvaro Soca (CUB) at 10:59 min

.9. Yasmani Balmaceda (CUB) at 20.12 min

10. Emilio Bressan (ITA/Astoria Wines) at 23:16 min


.1. Diego Tamayo (COL/TAMAYO TEAM) 10:29.28 hours

.2. Roberto Bou (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 3:34 min

.3. Yoandri Freire (CUB) at 7:06 min

.4. Cristofer Bosque (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 9:43 min

.5. Tinker Juárez (USA/Cannondale) at 15:12 min

.6. Alvaro Soca (CUB) at 20:01 min

.7. Josep Betalú (ESP/Taymory) at 20:41 min

.8. J.L Gómez (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 33:23 min

.9. Yasmani Balmaceda (CUB) at 55:26 min

10. Kevin Hines (USA/Corner Cycle) at 1h:34:12 min


.1. Marlies Mejías (CUB) 3:22.29 hours

.2. Olga A. Echenique (CUB) at 0:03

.3. Nuria Picas (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 0:08

.4. Selene Yeager (USA) at 0:08


.1. Marlies Mejías (CUB) 12:22.29 hours

.2. Nuria Picas (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 6:34 min

.3. Olga A. Echenique (CUB) at 13:05 min

.4. Selene Yeager (USA) at 59:40 min

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