Who is Mia Charro?

Who is Mia Charro?

Mia Charro is a spanish artist whose work is sold all over the world. I recently discovered her colorful art when I was decorating our office and was highly impressed by her inspirational pieces. So much that I decided to find out about her. Today, I’m sharing with you who Mia is and a little bit about her background. Enjoy!

She was born in the beautiful countryside in Spain

Mia was born in Amorebieta, a beautiful town in Vizcaya in the north of Spain. One of the most significant aspects of her style is her ability to represent the magic of nature as well as ancestral wisdom. Growing up in the countryside, near the ruins of a castle influenced her imagination and her desire to create tales and stories, as well as her love of animals, starry skies and nature in general.

After university she worked in graphic and web design and it was then that she discovered the world of illustration. She always liked to draw, but she has never thought about dedicating herself professionally to it. Her beautiful and whimsical art has continues to evolve with her discovery of yoga, meditation and positive thoughts. These tools naturally went on to form part of her illustrations.

How to follow her and purchase her inspirational art

To find out more about her illustrations and art pieces, visit her Etsy store here, or simply visit her official site here. To engage with her on social media, consider following her on Facebook.